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Mig Welding Machine Price In Kenya
Ingco Welding Machine Price In Kenya

About Welding Machines in Kenya

With a dedicated team of industry experts in welding, we maintain an exhaustive inventory of welding machines and welding rods for all types of welding. Whether you want to do MIG, TIG, gas or stick welding, we have a machine that will meet your needs. What's more we are known for availing only the best quality machines in the market. In our rich inventory you will find renowned brands such as Ingco that are time tested and proven to provide quality.

We have a deep focus on emerging technologies and our highly trained and knowledgeable technicians provide insights you cannot get anywhere else. We report, recommend and advice on the latest technologies to ensure you enjoy the best productivity in your work. We are proud to be associated with superior quality products and the best brands in the market. We offer value for our clients by providing tailored services based on their needs.

Our name, our reputation stands behind every product that we offer. That is why we only offer the best in the market – brands that you can rely on from the industry leading manufacturers. You can therefore choose our welding machines and all other related products we have on offer with confidence.

Welding Machine price in Kenya

Spartan ILD 250 250 A Inverter Welding Machine Ksh 23,500
Spartan ILD 315 🔥 315 A Inverter Welding Machine Ksh 38,000
Spartan ILD 400 3-Phase 400 A Inverter Welding Machine (3 Phase) Ksh 55,000
Thunder Ti250 250 A Inverter Welding Machine Ksh 15,000
Ingco MMA 130A 130 A Inverter Welding Machine Ksh 9,500
Ingco MMA 160A 160 A Inverter Welding Machine Ksh 13,000
Ingco MMA 200A 200 A Inverter Welding Machine Ksh 16,000
Royce RAC-250 250 A Inverter Welding Machine Ksh 14,000
Royce RAC-300 300 A Inverter Welding Machine Ksh 16,000
Royce RAC-400 400 A Inverter Welding Machine Ksh 26,000
AICO BX1-250 250 A ARC Heavy Duty Welding Machine Ksh 36,000
AICO BX1-315 315 A ARC Heavy Duty Welding Machine Ksh 40,000
AICO BX1-400 400 A ARC Heavy Duty Welding Machine Ksh 42,000
AICO BX1-500 500 A ARC Heavy Duty Welding Machine Ksh 46,000
AICO BX1-600 600 A ARC Heavy Duty Welding Machine Ksh 52,000
Kzubr TIG-500 500 A TIG Welding Ksh 39,000
Kzubr TIG-350 350 A TIG Welding Ksh 37,000
Royce MIG-MMA-350 350 A MIG Welding Ksh 26,000
Royce MIG-MMA-600 600 A MIG Welding Ksh 42,000
Spartan MIG/250i Heavy Duty 250 A MIG Welding, TIG Welding, Spot Welding Ksh 125,000

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Welding Machine Kenya
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Choosing The Best

Welding machine price in Kenya

Buying a welding machine, even if you owned one before is a real trek into the world of the unknown. New models of welding machines keep coming up with many different features that landing the right one can be pretty confusing. If you are buying a welding machine for the first time, it becomes even more daunting for you to choose a good machine. Which brand should you buy? What is the right welding machine price in Kenya? Which features are important to you? There is so much to consider.

Factors to consider when choosing a welding machine

With manufacturers throwing all sorts of specifications and features at you, you need to be properly guided when choosing a welding machine so you do not end up with the wrong one. Buying a welding machine is an expensive affair so it is only wise to get it right the first time. Here are some of the factors you should have in mind;

The Welding Process and machines – the many types of welding machines for sale in Kenya are made for different welding processes. The most common welding processes used include TIG, MIG and stick welding. This will go hand in hand with the welding skills that you have and the kind of welding you will be exposed to on a daily basis.

MIG welding machine - MIG is common because it is the easiest kind of welding to learn. It is also used on a wide variety of metals including stainless steel, aluminum, magnesium, copper, nickel, and other alloys. MIG can also be used on metals of different thicknesses or gauge sizes. With MIG the weld produced is usually strong and clean, not requiring a lot of cleaning up later.

TIG welding machine - TIG uses a non-consumable tungsten electrode to produce the required heat to melt and join the pieces of metal. Tungsten is desirable because it has a high melting point. TIG is a difficult skill to learn and is most commonly used to weld thin sections.

Arc welding machine - ARC Welding is one of the most popular welding processes used in many workshops and at home with DIY welders. This method is economical and can be used for welding dirty or rusted pieces of metal together. It can also be used safely indoors or in places with a lot of draft.

Choose a machine that matches the kind of welding you will be doing regularly and the welding skills you have. However, multi-process welding machines are also available. These machines can easily be switched from one kind of welding to the other without changing the power source. They allow you to attach different accessories to cater for the kind of welding you will be doing.

Power input and output – the power input required for the machine depends on the welding process being done. The lighter machines run on 120V. Those able to perform more demanding tasks require 240V input while the big industrial ones for huge projects require three phase power to operate. However, there are also some multi-voltage welding machines that usually operate on 120 and 240V.

You can also use the desired power output to determine which machine is right for you. A high power output (wattage) means the machine will be able to produce more heat and therefore can penetrate more to melt the metal and create a weld.

Size and Weight – portability of the welding machine is an important factor for you to have in mind. Different types of welding require you to be in different positions when working. For auto body fabricators for instance, they are required to be under the car and even on top of the hood to reach certain areas. During construction of skyscrapers, the welding machines might need to be moved up and in tight spaces. It is therefore important to go with a machine that gives you the desired portability for your needs.

Duty cycle – the duty cycle represents how long the welding machine can operate continuously before it requires to be stopped for cooling. It can be frustrating to have to stop quite often for the machine to cool down especially when you are a business. It is therefore important to consider the duty cycle of the welding machine.

Transformer vs Inverter Welding Machines

Welding machines in Kenya can either be categorized as transformer or inverted welding machines. Transformer welder machines use transformers to power the welder. They have been around for a long time and are popular for their longevity. They are a common sight in garages and many workshops due to their durability.

The inverter welders are more sophisticated. They contain an inverter instead of a transformer therefore they are more portable and compact. They are also known for their energy efficiency, made possible by power factor correction technology. Due to their many features, these machines allow for easy fine tuning of their performance during operation.

Welding machine price in Kenya

If you in the market for a welding machine, you must have seen the many different welding machines and their prices in Kenya. Well, the welding machine price in Kenya is affected directly by the quality of the brand, the type of welding machine, and the kind of performance it can avail. Powerful machines for industrial use will cost more than the small machines used for light welding.

However, when choosing a welding machine, it is best to consider the one that will give you the desired value for your money. If you run after the latest features or a machine that is feature packed, you might end up paying too much for features you do not need.

Welding machine suppliers in Kenya

Buying a welding machine is a serious investment, one that requires you to have a reliable supplier. We are renowned suppliers of welding machines for sale in Kenya. We have worked with many businesses, construction companies and even individuals before. As experts and market leaders in supply of quality brands likeIngco you can be sure you in safe hands. We offer our customers the best advice when it comes to choosing the right welding machines for their needs. Give us a try today.