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Grinding disc price in Kenya

Many people buying grinders usually overlook the quality of the grinding discs and how often they should replace them. The grinding disc price in Kenya varies depending on the size of the disc and the quality. Grinding discs with a high quality will serve you for longer even when you are working with tough materials like metals thereby saving you replacement costs.

How a grinder works

Grinding discs are the abrasive discs mounted on the rotating wheel of the grinder. When the grinder is started, the motor rotates and spins at a given RPM. As this happens, the belt and pulley system attached to the motor in turn rotates the wheel onto which the disc is mounted. The grinding disc then comes into contact with the surface of the material removing the excess.

As you can already tell, the quality of the work you perform with a grinder therefore largely depends on the quality of the grinding disc you have and also whether you are using the disc with the right abrasion for the finish you want and the material you are working on. It is therefore imperative to ensure you choose the right grinding disc for the job.

Ensure that you change the discs when they are worn out to get consistent and the best results on the piece you are working on. You should never let the discs to get worn out past certain levels because then it can cause damage to the grinder.

We can help you get high quality discs at the best grinding disc price in Kenya. We stock discs from the best manufacturers locally and internationally. We sell directly to you through this website so we are able to lower our costs and sell to you at recommended prices. Place your order today for genuine grinding discs for your work.