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Ingco Welding Machines

Ingco Welding Machine price in Kenya

Ingco MMA 130A 130 A Inverter Welding Machine Ksh 9,500
Ingco MMA 160A 160 A Inverter Welding Machine Ksh 13,000
Ingco MMA 200A 200 A Inverter Welding Machine Ksh 16,000

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If you are in the market for a welding machine, you must have come across the Ingco brand. Their welding machines are common in Kenya for a number of reasons. Seeing they are a popular brand you could be wondering about the Ingco welding machine price in Kenya and what makes them a preferred choice. Is it durability, power or what features make these welding machines highly sought after?

Why choose the Ingco welding machine brand?

Best Inverter Technology - Ingco welding machines come in a compact form factor because on the inside they use the modern inverter technology doing away with the bulky transformers. As such, they are more portable. With high portability, you are able to use the welding machine on just any kind of project where a welding machine is required. That is not all, their inverters are the best and therefore more energy efficient. This means you get more power output without losing so much power in the process.

You can get both the MMA inverters and the semi-automatic inverters. The Ingco inverters use the new generation manual metal arc (MMA). This means you have to direct both the filler material and produce the arc yourself. This is the most preferred way to weld for many people because it gives you the control you desire on your project. They also have the semi-automatic inverter welding machines that uses an electric arc which causes the filler metal to melt.

High versatility – all Ingco welding machines come with a potentiometer that allows you to change the settings depending on the thickness of the metal you are working with. This means therefore that with the same machine you can be able to weld on a variety of metal thicknesses safely.

Variety of welding machines – with the Ingco brand you get a variety of quality welding machines to choose from depending on your needs, expertise and specialization. There are MIG/MAG welding machines, TIG, Stick, MMA and others.

The power output also varies with the industrial welding machines packing more power and meant for intensive welding processes. The ING-MMA40010 for instance has a power input of 380V (+or- 10). This machine has an impressive duty cycle of 60% allowing you to keep going for long before it requires to rest. What's more the inverter technology used gives you an efficiency of a whopping 85%. With Ingco you get more run time and power without running down your electricity bills.

Compact, durable designs – The Ingco brand is known for producing durable welding machines. With the compact form factor, the manufacturer uses a strong exterior made of durable materials and given the IP21 case protection. The machines also come with insulation class F protection.

For easy handling all the Ingco welding machines come with a top carry handle plus rolling wheels so you can easily get the machine from one location to the other. With Ingco you are sure you are investing in a reliable and trusted brand.

If you would like to invest in the Ingco brand and get the best Ingco welding machine price in Kenya, then you should invest with us. We are renowned direct suppliers of genuine Ingco welding machines. There are no third parties and therefore we avail the machine to you at the most affordable prices.