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MIG Welding

MIG Welding Machine Prices

Royce MIG-MMA-600 Welding Machine - Ksh 42,000/=

Royce MIG-MMA-350 Welding Machine - Ksh 30,000/=

Spartan MIG/250i Heavy Duty Welding Machine (Can also do Tig and Spot welding) - Ksh 125,000/=

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MIG welding machine price in Kenya

Many beginner welders start with MIG welding because it is easier to learn and perfect. If you an expert in MIG welding or an expert requiring a new MIG welding machine, you will find that choosing one can be confusing. There are many choices, brands, features and even different MIG welding machine price in Kenya to consider.

Choosing the right MIG welding Machine

Choosing a MIG welding machine is a meticulous process. You should take your time to ensure you get the right machine for your needs. Here are some factors to have in mind;

Budget – first you need to consider the MIG welding machine price in Kenya. Are you willing to spend a lot more money for a more feature packed machine? Spending more money can get you a better machine but you need to consider whether it is the right one for you. Do you need those extra features? How often will you be using the welding machine? When you get the right machine for your needs, you are able to enjoy value for your money.

Power – you should also consider the amount of power available for you to weld with. This will consequently determine what kind of materials you can be able to weld on and how strong your bonds will be. MIG welders come rated with a minimum and maximum Amp rating. The higher the maximum amp rating the more power output you can get from the MIG welder.

The more powerful the MIG welder is, the thicker the metal you can weld. Also, with more power you can be able to weld on a variety of metals even those requiring lots of heat to melt.

The type of welding jobs – the type of welding you intend to be doing regularly will determine the kind of welding machine that will be suitable for you. If you will be welding on lighter gauge materials, then you should get a machine best suited for light welding jobs. For welding thick materials, a powerful MIG welding machine capable of producing enough heat to penetrate the thick materials should be considered.

Duty Cycle – you can use the duty cycle rating to quickly gauge the robustness of the MIG welding machine you intend to buy. A machine with a high duty cycle can give a higher continuous welding duration before it requires to rest because of overheating.

How can we help?

If you want to invest in a MIG welding machine in Kenya, then you need a partner that you can trust to walk the journey with you. That is exactly what you get from us. We are a reliable supplying company dealing with a wide range of welding machines including MIG, TIG, Stick and others. As a market leader, we only supply the superior quality and renowned brands that have been time tested and proven to be great machines.

What's more, since we source directly from the manufacturers we are able to avail the products to you at the best welding machine prices in Kenya . Give us a try today.