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Welding Generator Price in Kenya

Welding Generator Prices:

Aico welding generator (Welder: 6.0kva, 30V) (Generator: 7.5kva, 220V) - Price Ksh 130,000/=

There many instances when welding is needed at a site without electricity connection. It could also be that you use a high power generator requiring three phase connection when you only have access to the single phase connection. Not to worry because with a welding generator Kenya you can perform welding at a farm or site without electricity connection.

What is a welding generator?

A welding generator is a generator that creates welding power without the use of electricity. Instead just like the other generators, welding generators run on fuel. You just need to fill up the tank and the generator powers your welding equipment just like electricity would.

Welding generators are commonly used in construction sites, farm, agricultural construction and other such projects where mains electricity hasn't been installed.

Benefits of using a welding generator

If you want to invest in a welding generator Kenya, you could be wondering how beneficial these machines can be. Here are some benefits you will enjoy;

Multipurpose generators – welding generators are not only used for welding. As a matter of fact, you can use a welding generator just like a normal generator for lighting and powering other appliances you have. As such, with a welding generator you get a 2 in 1 machine which saves you money and storage space. Further, if you really depend on generators fulltime you can get a generator workstation. These types of generators are usually generators, welders and have a battery charger at the minimum. Others even have a compressor.

Better performance – welding machines require more power and exceptional performance for them to operate as required. To meet the needs of welding machines, welder generators in Kenya come with better motors and other equipment that enhance their performance. These generators are able to operate for a longer time than the duty cycle of the welding machine. This ensures that you can weld continuously for as long as your machine can allow.

With the multipurpose generators performance is optimized for each function the generator can do. This means that when you change from welding to say lighting using the generator, power draw from the generator is reduced as required.

During operation, welder generators are known to produce hard voltage that doesn't easily drop below the rated amounts. This ensures that you have a smooth voltage to work with which reduces overheating and power losses. With a quality welding generator in Kenya you get exceptional performance all through regardless of the use.

Welding Generator Kenya Suppliers

Choosing a good supplier for your welding generator in Kenya is the first step to ensuring you get a quality product. If you are looking to invest in the best quality welding generator, then you are in the right place. We are a market leader in supply of welding generators in Kenya. We only stock the best brands in the market and back our products with leading warranties and exceptional customer support. We will walk you through choosing the right welding generator for your needs. Give us a try today.