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Welding Rods

Welding rods price in Kenya

One of the accessories you cannot do without as a welder is welding rods. The welding rods can also be called the filler material or the electrodes in welding. Welding rods can either be consumable or non-consumable in how they are used. For the consumable welding rods, they melt to form the bonding material that joins the materials.

The non-consumable ones provide the required heat in an oxygen rich, catalytic atmosphere for the parent materials to bond. An example of a non-consumable welding rod used is tungsten. With a high melting point of 3422˚Celsius, most of the metals will have melted and fused before the tungsten filler does.

The welding rods price in Kenya varies between the two types of welding rods available. The material and the quantity also determines the welding rods price in Kenya. Buying in large quantities like 1KG and above saves you more money in the long run than buying in pieces. But, for small businesses or individuals who might not need the many welding rods, buying in pieces might make more sense.

Choosing the right welding rod

Not all welding rods work well on all surfaces. When choosing the right welding rods or electrodes, many factors come into play. These factors include; tensile strength of the parent metals, the kind of current being used (AC or DC), the welding position you will be in and the environmental job conditions among others.

We can help you get the right welding rods for your needs so you can get the strongest bonds every time. Since we are suppliers of welding machines and welding rods, we are able to avail to you quality at the best welding rods price in Kenya. If you are unsure of which welding rods to get, we can help you so that you do not make any mistakes in your welding.