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About Welding Machines in Kenya

You want to build something that matters and we want to help you achieve that. Our goal is to make it easy for welders to access quality welding machines they can enjoy using on a daily basis. We intend to make it enjoyable to buy a welding machine, a task that can be daunting for many by providing quality welding machines and helpful information.

We are market leaders in supply of welding machines by bringing the most innovative, advanced, safe and powerful machines that serve our customers many years on end. We make sure that you purchase the right welding machine for your needs, skills and within your budget.

We work as hard as welders do in their jobs, to complete our job of bringing quality products to you. We keep researching and updating our inventory with nothing but the best. We are always testing and collecting data from welders out in the field to ensure that we stock and recommend nothing but the best brands out there.

We also back our products with unmatched customer support to ensure that even the novice welders are able to purchase our products with confidence and make use of them with ease. When you call on us we always answer. Our team of expert technicians, most of who were welders are always waiting to guide you in the right way, help troubleshoot your machine, source spares and so much more.

Our quality services continue to weld the bond between us and our clients, building our reputation and trust amongst many in the country and beyond.