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Spartan welding machine

****** Spartan Welding Machine Prices ******
Spartan ILD 250 - 250A Inverter Welding Machine (240V - Single phase) - Ksh 23,500
Spartan ILD 315 - 315A Inverter Welding Machine (240V - Single phase) - Ksh 38,000
Spartan ILD 400 - 400A Inverter Welding Machine (415V -3 phase) - Ksh 55,000
Spartan TIG 250 - 250A TIG Welding Machine (240V - Single phase) - Ksh 35,000
Spartan MIG 250 - 250A MIG Welding Machine (240V - Single phase) - Ksh 125,000

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If you are in the market for a welding machine, the Spartan brand is one you cannot avoid. It is a renowned brand that manufactures quality and reliable welding machines with salient features that ensure you get the job done. Spartan is a favorite brand for many professional welders in the country and one you will find in many workshops around.

This is because with the Spartan brand you are able to achieve a professional and quality weld in many welding situations. In situations where low quality machines will not suffice, Spartan welding machines come in handy and ensure you can provide quality work at affordable prices.

Spartan brand is not only known for building some of the largest welding machines they have also designed and built small welding machines suitable for light welding jobs and DIY projects. But do not be fooled, these small welding machines also pack a lot of power and important features that place them above many of the other brands available in the market.

Spartan welding machines are designed with a straightforward and simple exterior that makes it easy to operate and work with the machines. What’s more, the machines are highly configurable allowing you to change the settings to suit your power needs and the materials you are working with. This gives you high versatility and power savings that ensure superior performances.

The Spartan welding machine price in Kenya is not a big worry for those that already know how well these machines perform. The duty cycles of most of the Spartan welding machines is impressive with many models achieving above 60% duty cycle. The machines use high end IGBT transistors that give high welding currents of even up to 500A and others beyond. With these machines you can work with both AC and DC power sources with some requiring three phase power while others can work with single phase power.

That is not all, most Spartan welding machines are also highly versatile allowing different welding technologies to be used with one machine. You can be able to do MIG, TIG and even STICK welding with Spartan welding machines. This in turn means that you are able to work on a wide range of materials and different thicknesses making your investment worthwhile.

When chosen properly, the right Spartan welding machine will go a long way to enhance your business. With the right supplier, you will also enjoy great Spartan welding machine price in Kenya. This combined with the high durability, reliability and exceptional performance of the Spartan welding machines means you get an unmatched return on your investment.

We are direct suppliers of Spartan welding machines here in Kenya. As such, we can guarantee you that you are getting the real Spartan brand when you invest with us. Our Spartan welding machines come with a guarantee as recommended by the manufacturer. As recommended suppliers we also offer the best Spartan welding machine price in Kenya. Browse our wide variety or Spartan welding machines and place your order today.