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Arc welding machine

Arc welding machine price in Kenya

If you are in the market for an arc welding machine, there are a few considerations you should have in mind. First of all, you need to consider the arc welding machine price in Kenya. For DIY-ers and sporadic use, it might not be wise to invest in the most expensive arc welding machine out there. However, for professional welders, the arc welding machine price in Kenya comes second to the following important considerations.

Power considerations – there are several considerations to have in mind when it comes to power. First you need to consider the type of power the arc welding machine can operate with. Most welding machines allow for both AC and DC power while there are some that are entirely AC or DC. For professionals a machine that allows both AC and DC power use will allow for more flexibility when you power is not available.

Another consideration when it comes to power is the input power required to work the machine. Some machines operate on dual voltage while others are fixed. The power requirements are also an indication of the efficiency and the kind of output you should expect from the machine.

Duty cycle – the duty cycle is the other important consideration to have in mind when choosing an arc welding machine. This feature also affects the arc welding machine price in Kenya. Duty cycle refers to the number of minutes in a 10 minute period that the machine can provide the required current before it needs to cool down. A machine with a high duty cycle can keep going for long but also uses advanced technology to achieve that which can increase the price. The duty cycle rating is given as a percentage and the higher it is the better. High-end expensive models are able to achieve duty cycles of 70 – 80%.

Arc quality – professionals cannot ignore the quality of the weld or the arc produced by the machine. A good machine is one that produces professionally looking and quality welds that last long and enhance the aesthetics of your work.

Nature of the material and it’s thickness – before you invest in an arc welding machine, you need to consider the type of material you will be working on regularly. If you only work with mild materials, then you do not need to invest in high power models because this affects the arc welding machine price in Kenya. Some materials can only be welded using specific welding technologies like TIG which are available dependent on the type of machine you choose.

The thickness of the material is also a consideration to have in mind. Thicker materials are harder to weld and therefore require more power and specific welding technologies to put together.

It is obvious that professionals need to consider more than just the arc welding machine price in Kenya when choosing a welding machine. As specialists of quality professional brands, we can help you choose the right arc welding machine for your needs and budget.