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Cutting disc price in Kenya

A cutting disc is a disc attached to the grinder for cutting through metal. They can be used for cutting heavy and light metals. Cutting discs are apt for cutting through pipes, bars and sheets of metal. The cutting disc price in Kenya varies depending largely on the size of the cutting disc.

Cutting discs are available in various diameter sizes from 100mm (4 inches) to 44mm (18 inches) and sometimes more. The diameter of the cutting disc you choose depends on the size of the item you are cutting. The large sizes are apt for cutting pipes and bars with large diameters.

Get superior quality cutting discs

When choosing cutting discs, you should not worry about the cutting disc price in Kenya before considering the quality of the cutting disc. If you have been using a grinder to cut for long, you might have heard the many horror stories of people getting hurt by cutting discs that break and shatter into many pieces which are thrown around causing damaging or even hurting users.

Our high quality cutting discs will wear off evenly reducing in size without shattering. However, ensure you use them well and store them properly after use. Preferably, store the discs while lying flat in a box away from weather elements.

Another reason why cutting discs can shatter is when they are overused. As such, you should always ensure you change the cutting disc when it has been worn out to the recommended level. Also, regularly inspect the edges of the cutting discs checking for any cracks or charred edges. Change the disc if it is cracked.

Do you want to get the best results from your work and still stay safe? Looking for a cutting disc that will last long? Place your order today for a quality cutting disc and enjoy the best cutting disc price in Kenya today.